TRECVid data sharing

This wiki site is setup for organizing the sharing of elements between TRECVid participants.
Data sharing for SIN 2012-2015 tasks: mostly obsolete and not maintained.

Will be update soon.

A general rule about the sharing of elements is that:

  • any group can share any element he think could be useful to others with possibly an associated citation of a paper describing how it was produced;
  • any group can use any element shared by any other group provided that this other group is properly cited in any paper presenting results obtained using the considered element

exactly as this was the case in the previous years for other shared elements like shot segmentation, ASR transcripts or collaborative annotation. Groups sharing elements get “rewarded” via citations when their elements are used. Reward can also be given for instance by sharing back classification scores obtained from descriptors shared by other groups.

Shared elements can be for instance: concept detection score.

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